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The WVFF was organized, among other fishy concepts, to promote the well being and sustainability of quality fly fishing in our area.

Projects our club could become involved in


Possible WVFF Improvement Projects

Updated May 17, 2020


I’d like to preface the following educational/conservation information drop with the thought that the  board agrees that in light of the Covid Pandemic and its potential affect upon future fund raising, we don’t go off half-cocked and watch our spending in order to maintain a solid safety net for the club.


Also, as always if any member in good standing has a conservation or educational project that is in line with our clubs mission then they should talk to any board member and complete the very short form ( on the website) detailing the components of the project.  It’s everyone’s money, everyone has a right to bring ideas forward.


Status of Projects with Costs


·         Re: TDLs – The board voted to approve $1500 to match the $1500 we got from the IFF Grant and the $1500 we were generously given by Icicle TU.    $4500 total

·         42 TDLs are sitting in my living room waiting for the spring run-off to subside and then they’ll be given to Wenatchee WDFW and positioned in numerous agreed upon Chelan County creeks.

·         In addition to the future data coming from these units, raw data is coming in from the four we gave WDFW last year and are on the website.  But I still need to create a spreadsheet that displays the information in a more easily read and comparative format.


Status of Volunteer Projects


·         Fishing report boxes have been built and installed and hopefully anyone who volunteered to collect these data cards has delivered them to the WVFF office in Wenatchee.

·         Help with building the Potato Creek BDAs is on hold till we figure out a way to work with TU and maintain personal distancing.  Probably happening in July, I’ll keep you posted.


Below are 5 Cost / 3 Volunteer Projects that I am considering


1.     Lake Lenore Anti-Poaching Interpretive Trail             2020 ?                        Education with Cost

·         Chad Jackson of the WDFW based in Ephrata has been dangling this potential conservation project in front of me for about a year. 

·         Chad would like to see an interpretive trail into the lake explaining that a fish catching pen is for trapping Lahontans that will be used in the hatchery.

·         Potential for cost sharing with the Dryside Club. 



  1. Educational Event Stocking                                                2021 ?                       Education with Cost

·         Could be but doesn’t have to be Beehive, but any lake might work.

·         Stock trout, for a special event in a lake. 

·         The event could be for vets, kids or tied into our WVC class.

·         We could get access to fish a location under special rules just prior to the event so we can be sure the fishing is ok. 

·         It might be an event to introduce a special group to fly fishing.

·         WVFF could purchase a quantity of trout to stock.

·         WDFW stocks and calls for a special rule to that lake, if needed. Fly fishing only or similar for remainder of the season.

·         WVFF hosts a special event and fish the location via a special opening rule from WDFW.

·         The club could help or cover the cost of stocking, in exchange for being given special access for a fly fishing season or club fishing event. 

·         More discussion with Travis is required.

  1. Improve Dry Falls Lake Access                   Date Unknown                   Improve Access with Cost

·         I’ve heard a report that the put-in is in bad shape. I need to research this potential project and report my findings and what might be done. 


  1. Redd Boxes                                           Some Future Date                     Conservation with Cost  

·         Portable fish rearing boxes, placed in or next to remote creek locations.

·         For endangered fish species. 

·         Projects needs research. 


  1. Upper Antlion Lake Fish Stocking             Some Future Date                        Education with Cost

·         WDFW is mystified why thousands of clipped brown trout plants have never been caught in this small 25 acre scenic lake outside Manson.

·         They did not migrate into Lower Antlion Lake. It could be poaching or very efficient Ospreys and Herons but…

·         Larger fish could possibly survive better than fingerlings.  We need further discussion with Travis about this but he offered an ideas that larger Tiger Trout and/or Triploid Rainbows might have a better chance of survival.

·         WVFF pays for some/all of the plantings. Possibly cost share with the Methow Club.


  1. WDFW Project to Enhance a Resident Entiat Fishery  Some Future Date   Volunteer Conservation

Travis would submit a proposal to his agency and if he receives a ‘green light’ then, a number of people (including some WVFF members) will go out a fish/scout various sections of the Entiat River to determine where the enhancement could take place.



  1. Lower Roaring Creek Beaver Dam Analogs           August- Sept 2020       Volunteer Conservation


·         The problem is that a major terrace was created in soft soil and the result is a blocked fish passage to a known upstream spawning ground. 

·         Project may require a few Beaver Dam Analogs and or trenching to provide a passable water gradient to allow resumed spawning. 

·         Location is near the intersection of Entiat River road and Rainy Creek Rd. 

·         It could be completed during the TU’s Potato Creek BDA project July – Oct 2020.

·         Site review needs to occur after runoff to determine course of action with TU. 

·         This would reopen a spawning ground for trout.


  1.   BDAs for Beaver Creek in Douglas Co.    2021-2023      Volunteer Conservation  with ALEA Grant

·         Project goal is to create a wet connection from the upper Beaver to the Columbia. 

·         This would improve native rainbow spawning options, allow Columbia River fish to move into Rock Creek and Beaver Creek.

·         Beaver Creek.  Rock Island Creek enters the Columbia just upstream and east of Rock Island Dam.  3-4 miles upstream, Beaver Creek branches off the west side of Rock Island Creek.

·         This could occur in 2021 or later.

·         Install BDAs.  TU is working on getting this set up with the landowner a Wenatchee lawyer who sounds positive.

·         The upper portion of Beaver Creek holds rainbows stranded during dry periods.  Also the water falls out of Rock Creek in the summer a few hundred yards from the Columbia and could use increased flow that the BDAs might provide thus improving the spawning potential.

Projects our club has been involved in

  • Donated 46 Temperature Data Loggers to the WDFW Wenatchee Office for placement into local creeks and streams to better understand the affects of fire and overly hot summers on trout habitat.  Information will be posted to our website for all to read.  Special thanks to the Upper Icicle Trout Unlimited for donating $1,500 to this project.
  • We helped create a "fly fishing only" site at Upper Wheeler resevoir in the Stemilt Basin, and recently improved the rough parking area and signage for this one of a kind, Chelan Co. fishing location.
  • Each year the WVFF sends young adults to the annual Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy.  
  • Completed our 12 th year volunteer teaching, fly fishing classes at the Wenatchee Valley College.
  • Completed our 2 nd year volunteer teaching, fly tying at the Wenatchee River Institute.
  • Represented area flyfishers at the Stemilt-Squilchuck Recreational Planning meetings and press to retain access and the fly fishing opportunity at Upper Wheeler Lk..
  • Financially assisted  a community group of like minded enviornmental stewards, to purchase of the Pashastin Mill waterfront property on the Wenatchee River.  This property has been signed over to the WA Fish and Game Dept. which will hold it in a public trust for all future generations to enjoy. Minimal development and 100% public access.

  • A five year/$8,000  funding committment used in part to purchase two sections of land in the Stemilt Basin slated for conservation work and recreational planning.
  • Boat Ramp Construction at Upper Analon Lake. 
  • Educational Signs in the Entiat drainage.  Teach fly tying and river entamology at the Leavenworth Salmonfest.
  • Improving selective fishing signs and enlarging the small two car parking space at Upper Wheeler Lake.
  • Assisted WDFW fin clip 5,000 Brown Trout to determine if they could migrate from Upper to Lower Antilon Lake.
  • Donated $1,000 to WDFW for improvements to local lakes for imporved signage, handicapped access points and informational kiosks. 
  • Replaced three signs at the Rocky Ford fishing area near Soap Lake. Working with the Spokane and Moses Lake Clubs.
  • Assisting county conservation agencies conduct water quality sampling on the Chiwawa River.
  • Volunteering to promote quality fisheries by working with the local TU chapter to provide youth education about fishing and conservation of fisheries.

The word "Conservationist is an old terminology, used long before "Enviromentalist" was coined.  Webster defines conservationist as the act of conserving, prevenetion of injury/decay/waste or loss prevention.  Also the controlled utilization or official supervision of natural resources in order to preserve or protect them or to prevent depletion."  Our club is a voice that promotes the conservation of the surrounding fisheries.  You may note that we do not consider this fishery as "ours".  Sure it's in our neighborhood but we just live in it for a short while.  As cohabitors of this area, we should protect it, speak for it, and work to maintain it's integrity and capabilities as they have been for eons.

Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers

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